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This project can only be completed by the diving community supporting it.

Below are photographs of just some of those generous benefactors that are making it happen.

To get involved yourself click HERE

When you receive your statuette please upload a photograph and some words with the form at the bottom of this page.

273 of 300 - T Herbert

An incredible addition to my RE wall, looks amazing, chuffed to bits with the statuette. Honoured to be a small part of the memorial project.

078 of 300 - S Bielby

This memorial piece is a fitting tribute to the hundreds of military divers who have undergone arduous training to prepare them for the job they do without question and often without recognition. The detail is phenomenal and the quality outstanding and is matched by the people it represents. There are only 300 in the world so if you don't have one ... don't wait too long!

036 of 300 - D Shiers
087 of 300 - J Hogg

New friend came today! Thank you all. Very pleased.

090 of 300 - R Harker

Today I was very pleased to receive my bronze diver statuette. Even my sons reckon it’s cool and one day no doubt it will be passed on to them. Thanks to Tony Sexton and Paul Guiver for the work they have done in making this project a reality. Also thanks to the association for all the good work they do. I look forward to seeing everyone at the unveiling of the 10ft version. Regards R. Harker

034 of 300 - C Massey
045 of 300 - D Aveyard

That is one might fine piece i must is excellent, absolutely love it....thanks to all

172 of 300 (Both of Them!) - Travis Detke

Travis Detke with what we think is the first matching pair of the Military Diver Memorial and Jake Statuettes.

075 of 300 - J Lynch

It’s a privilege to be a benefactor to the Military Divers Memorial. #075 is a powerful reminder of the year of my CD’s Course (1975) and the hard work & dedication all British Military Divers endure to be the best in the world. A big thank you to Paul & Tony for providing this exceptionally detailed and proportioned Statuette, it really is outstanding. Delivery was super quick. I can’t wait to see the Military Divers Memorial being “on the job”. Best regards Jim

126 of 300 - T Dearlove

It’s the best Christmas present ever. The diver is so well made. Every time I look at it though it reminds me of welding in Roysth docks in January feeezing lol

150 of 300 - Jimmy Bond
037 of 300 - G Peters
128 of 300 - A DOLMAN
291 of 300 - J Seldon

Look what arrived today ! I even managed to get my coin number as the limited edition number. It does dwarf the rest of the collection though. Well chuffed with it.

007 of 300 - J Kearney

Received this magnificent statuette yesterday. It was back in the early 70’s I last dived this gear. I was surprised at the weight of it, just over a third of the complete set Looking forward to seeing the final statue.

009 of 300 - L O'Sulivan

I love it 👍 even though I nearly put my back out lifting it lol.

010 of 300 - C Rumming
011 of 300 - M O'Mera
012 of 300 - S Allen

Very pleased to have received my statue. The professionalism and handling by Paul and Tony. I can only say thanks and it was well worth the wait Thanks again

012 of 300 - S Allen
015 of 300 - P Kennedy

I am so, so proud to be a member of a very small club. Royal Navy Clearance Divers are, to me, a family who will give everything to their brothers. This is why I was so happy to be one of the first recipients of this magnificent statuette.

014 of 300 - M Stewart

From me to me! Even better than I expected.

016 of 300 - M Webb
019 of 300 - P Mason
021 of 300 - J McKenzie
023 of 300 - R Webb

Here's my Military Diver Memorial statuette from Paul and Tony, damn fine quality, cheers lads. P.S. It's not usually by the pond, tis my artistic-ness having a day out. xx

028 of 300 - Cliff Coulson-Bonner

Dear Paul & Tony, I was thrilled to receive my Military Diver Memorial Statuette. The detail and quality is exceptional! I plan to be present for the unveiling of the memorial in 2021 at the National Memorial Arboretum. Thank you for the professional service and delivery, and I could not be more delighted with the Military Diver Memorial Statuette!

030 of 300 - J Hurst
042 of 300 - D May
053 of 300

There are so many great things to say about this amazing piece of work! The attention to detail is excellent and the quality is exceptional. I have had mine mounted in a acrylic box with a mirror back (so you can see the amazing design without having to move it) and a colour changing light. It now stands in pride of place in my living room. I am proud and honoured to be an owner and in part contributing in the completion of this amazing project. Oh yes and I forgot to say “JESUS ITS HEAVY”!

061 of 300 - J Collins

Had an extremely heavy parcel arrive last week. The Military Diver Memorial statue has taken pride of place in the study. The workmanship is fantastic and the attention to detail outstanding.

067 of 300 - KR

Very pleased to receive this chap today. A very fitting piece to honour all those that venture where others dare not. KR

068 of 300 - Wong Chung Wah Billy
070 of 300 - J Forbes

Paul/Tony. Brilliant piece of workmanship, details excellent, down to the short sword tucked away at the back. Credit to all you guys concerned in the making of this fine specimen. A fine specimen to be cherished in years to come.

072 of 300 - A Tonkinson
077 of 300 - G McCarthy

I must say the statuette is very detailed and I’m looking forward to seeing the memorials unveiling. Well done to those who have supported & spent many hours trying to bringing this memorial to fruition.

083 of 300 - A Durham
085 of 300 - I Fleming

Received my Statue today. Absolutely over the moon with this fine piece of work. BZ to Paul Guiver and Tony Sexton for all your hard work to bring this project to fruition. Cheers Scouse Fleming 👍

093 of 300 - Peggy Neil
193 of 300 - Pete Davies
200 of 300
199 of 300 Pete Davies
227 of 300

As a dealer and collector of fine art this piece is exquisite, with my late father being a Navy Diver it is priceless, Thank you Paul and Tony for hand delivering it!

215 of 300 - Michael Austin

Love the new addition to my collection. Great honour to be part of historic memorials. Cheers.

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